Sunday, January 26, 2003

This will probaby be the last post of the weekend.

Yesterday was my girlfriend's and my anniversary. We went to our favourite restaurant to celebrate, a little place in San Francisco called Clementine. If you are ever in the neighbourhood, I highly recommend it. It's not at the top end of expensive places in SF, more in the middle, but has very good food for the price,and a nice atmosphere. If you go, try the pain perdu au caramel, glace noisette (caramelized french toast with hazelnut ice cream) for desert. It's the one constant when we go there and is never disapointing.

Today was all about the Super Bowl! Of course, I've never actually watched a Super Bowl before, or any other American football game, but it was still fun. One of good things about football is the that the basic game is easy to understand and it keeps your attention. Like hockey, it seems to have a reasonable amount of scoring in a game. (In contrast to the other popular American sport, basketball, which has so much scoring that I find it unwatchable, or soccer, which has so I feel the same.) As you probably know by now, the Raiders got crushed 48-21. Depending on how you look at it, this seems either better or worse than their performance in the actual game. The first half was all Buccaneers, with the Raider held to 3 points and only a couple complete first downs. They opened it up a little in the second half, and the end of the third quarter and start of the fourth were actually quite exciting football. But then they went back to throwing interceptions, resulting in 2 quick touchdowns for the Buccaneers and that was that.

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