Monday, December 18, 2006

I saw For Your Consideration, Christopher Guest's latest improv movie, over the weekend. I think I'm one of the few people who saw (and liked) Waiting for Guffmanbefore Best in Showand A Mighty Windcreated some buzz around what he was doing but his latest is probably the weakest of the four films. It has the same low key style, combination of slightly off and very strange characters and improv feel but it never quite jells. This one adds a lot of TV satire set pieces, playing off shows like Entertainment Tonight, and I think those pieces are too crudely done to fit in with the light touch of the rest of the film.

I also finished The Relicby Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. It's a pretty standard thriller/horror book with some an interesting background - the Museum of Natural History in New York. I'm not sure how they divvied up the work on this one but they do create a decent "page turner". Preston also wrote a non-fiction history of the Museum called Dinosaurs in the Atticthat looks interesting.

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