Friday, January 12, 2007

We went and saw Keith Little and Jim Nunally at the First Street Cafe last night. As always, it was a great show, even though Keith was under the weather with a cold. Keith and Jim are two of the premier bluegrass musicians in California, probably in the entire US, and it's always a pleasure to see them play in a small, informal setting like this. I've taken lessons from both Keith and Jim at the California Bluegrass Association's summer music camp and they are both excellent teachers as well as unbelievably nice people. Keith plays mainly banjo and guitar. I've also seen him play mandolin, fiddle and bass on stage but he is most well known for his singing. He usually teaches the male vocal lesson class at the music camp. Jim is one of the top flatpicking guitar players out there but usually teaches rhythm guitar. If you want to master bluegrass rhythm, you should definitely try to get in his class.
They both play with a number of bands so there are lots of chances to see them play, particularly if you live in Northern California.

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