Thursday, July 05, 2007

Went to see Ratatouille on Independence Day. Another great movie from Pixar. I think there is a great business story about Pixar that will be written some day. How does a former hardware company become one of the most consistent film studio of the last 15 years? So far they have released seven features and there is not a dog among them - all seven are not only technological marvels, pushing the state of computer animation, but overall great films as well.

I also finished The Mysteries by Lisa Tuttle. It's about a private detective who is fascinated with disappearances. The chapters alternate between the main plot and little mini-stories that detail some of the most famous disappearances in history.

It started off slow with too much back-story but got better as the main characters got more involved in the main story. About half way through it changes from a standard private eye story into more of an urban fantasy but it did it smoothly enough that it didn't lose my interest. Not my favourite book of this year but an OK read.

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The Mysteries


Jason said...

Glad to hear Ratatouille is good. Pixar does make great movies, but I was really underwhelmed by Finding Nemo and the ads for Ratatouille didn't look so great... Have to check it out.

Ian said...

I actually enjoyed Finding Nemo but I thought Cars was their weakest movie so far so I held off seeing this one until I read a few good reviews. This one is definitely worth seeing, particularly if your girlfriend is a foodie like mine.

Jason said...

Oh, yeah - Cars. Forgot about that one. Yeah, that's worse than Nemo.