Sunday, March 16, 2008

I just finished Spook Country by William Gibson, sort of a sequel to Pattern Recognition (which I discussed here).

I liked Spook Country less than Pattern Recognition. It's not really a sequel, but it does have a few characters in common. The new book is harder to get into the last one. The chapters rotate between three different characters -One of them is interesting, another isn't, and the third is hard to get a handle on, particularly in the brief opening chapters of the book.

By the end, they mostly tie together but the book lacks any real resolution. Since it deals with spies, some ambiguity makes sense but not only isn't it clear for most of the book who various people are working for, what they are trying to do or why they are doing it, but it is never really resolved. By the end, we learn a little more about what some of the people are doing, but not who they really are, their motives or the final outcomes of their schemes. It's not a bad ride, but with very little payoff at the end.

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