Monday, December 21, 2009

I just finished Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire.

Rosemary and Rue is an urban fantasy detective novel set in the SF Bay area. The protagonist, October "Toby" Day, is a half-faerie, half-human changeling struggling to find her place when neither side really accepts her.

McGuire, a local author who is also a must see feature on the local SF convention scene due to her off the cuff witty remarks, does a good job with the first book of this planned series. At some points it is a little too obvious she is setting up things to use in other books of a long series (from the numerous possible future/past lovers, to the mentioned but not detailed heroic back story of the protagonist), but she also does a good jobs of the basics of this story.

It starts out with a murder that needs to be solved (with a curse attached to make sure the protagonist doesn't lose focus) and the protagonist is a good example of the kind of detective that solves cases by acting like a bull in a china shop - wandering around bugging people until the solution presents itself.

The down side might be just the setting - urban fantasy started to be written in the late 80's, with Charles De Lint and Emma Bull pioneering the field, but it has grown to such an extent that it almost feels cliched now.

Overall, a good start and worth checking out.

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