Friday, April 20, 2007

April 7th - Took the train from Naples to Rome, checked into our hotel (Hotel Alius) and then walked around to check out the shopping areas. Once we got near the main shopping drag, the streets got incredibly crowded. The high end shops had some clothes that were interesting for Stacey so we stopped and she looked around in a bunch of them.

After that, we went to eat and walked past the Spanish Steps. Our first choice was closed but the second, Ristorante Aurora, was the best food so far in Italy, but a little more expensive than we thought. They price some things (fish/shellfish) by the 100g and it added up to more than we expected.

After that, we walked to Trevi fountain which was an amazing scene, lit up for night and mobbed be people. After that we walked back to our hotel (past Trajan's column, one of the things we will check out tomorrow).

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