Saturday, April 21, 2007

I finished the following books while on vacation:

Child of Flame by Kate Elliott. I often pick up large, fantasy books when flying. They usually keep me involved enough to distract me while on the plane/train/bus but it doesn't matter if I really pay attention or if they are great books. This one is the fourth in a series called Crown of Stars. The first three weren't that good. They were OK reads but a little un-remarkable. This is actually the best of the four - it seems to start to tie together some of the plot elements in an interesting way and you get a better idea of the where the series is going. Thankfully, the whole series (seven books) has been published so I don't have to worry that this will be one of the current fantasy series where the author just stretches and stretches and it appears they will never end (i.e. Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series or possible George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones)

Angels & Demons
by Dan Brown. This is the first book featuring the same protagonist as the mega-hit The DaVinci Code. I had read this before and brought it along so Stacey could read it. I thought it would be amusing since it features a number of sites in Rome. After she was done and we had left Rome, I re-read it to see how it read after I had seen the same locations it uses. It's actually a pretty bad book - even worse than The DaVinci Code - and I wouldn't recommend it unless you are planning on visiting Rome or the Vatican.

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Child of Flame (Crown of Stars, Book 4)
Angels & Demons

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